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WELCOME to - your personal Nutritional Therapist.

What is Nutritional Therapy? It is a form of complementary medicine, using diet, lifestyle and supplements to encourage the body's natural healing and help achieve optimum health. A consultation with a Nutritional Therapist will provide you with an individual programme suited to your own unique requirements.

If you can answer "yes" to any of the following, or wish to discuss other health issues, then please contact us to arrange a private consultation.

Do you:

- Always feel tired or lethargic?
- Suffer from frequent colds or infections?
- Suffer from headaches?
- Have dry or itchy skin?
- Feel bloated after meals, or have other digestive problems?
- Crave certain foods or caffeine?
- Have suspected food intolerances?
- Have unexplained aches or pains?
- Have trouble losing weight?
- Have hormonal imbalances?
- Get irritable or have mood swings?
- Lead a stressful lifestyle?
- Feel OK but would like to improve your diet?


Note: Always consult your GP or qualified medical practitioner if you require medical attention or are concerned about your health or any symptoms you are experiencing.


Contact: Simon Lewis Dip BCNH, MBANT, MCMA

Phone: 01277 202123

Mobile: 07775 733784

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